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Are you fond of bringing home a dog which you want to care for? If yes, then you should start knowing the different breeds of dogs to get an ideal one. There are some dogs that are best for family while others are for work. Since there are various breeds of dogs, you probably don’t know what to choose. Instead of worrying about this, you should choose the one that is easy to care for.

Understanding the different breeds of dogs is not a complicated task. Depending on your choice, you can get more details through asking an expert or your trusted friends. With your knowledge about the dog’s breeds, you can decide which of them can meet your needs.

What are the Best Family Dog Breeds?

Like other homeowners, you may also want to have a dog at home. With your dog, you can enjoy your leisure time and feel more protected. The following are the dog breeds that  you can choose from:

Italian Greyhound

It is known due to its loyal and loving attributes. This dog weighs less than fifteen pounds. With its small size, you can easily carry this dog anywhere you want. It is also easy to groom and take care for.


This breed is considered as a classic lap-dog. It comes from the line of Maltese and Bichon Frise. Like Italian Greyhound, it is also well-behaved, quiet, loyal and submissive. Most homeowners love this dog breed due to its hypo-allergenic and easy to train qualities. This breed weighs eight to thirteen pounds and can live for almost fourteen years.


This is one of the most favorite dog breeds of most peoples. This dog is quite small and athletic. It is also hypo-allergenic and never shed. It weighs between six to twenty-five pounds. Its life expectancy also lasts up to fourteen years.


This breed is energetic and lively as compared to other dogs. It weighs thirty to sixty pounds and can only live about thirteen years. This dog is perfect for both children and adults. Unlike others, this breed is also easy to train and care for.

The aforementioned dog breeds are only some of the most well-known dogs that most homeowners love to have. If you wish to get more breeds of dogs, you can simply visit your preferred shop online. Then, pick the best one that suits your preferences.

Tips on How to Determine a Dog’s Breed

Since there are various breeds of dogs, you probably don’t know how to recognize them. If you wish to have an ideal dog at home, you need to distinguish one dog to another. You can do this through considering the following tips:

Examine the Dog

The best way to know the breed of your preferred dog is to examine its characteristics. At first, you need to check its color and hair length. You also need to examine its posture and behavior.

Know the Energy Level of the Dog

The dog breeds vary depending on their level of energy. Some breeds are playful while others are not. You also need to observe whether your preferred pet is aggressive or friendly to strangers. It is also best to identify how they react to other animals.

Focus on Its Color

Some dogs have mixed colors while others do not. There are also some breeds that have a combination of black, tan, white and brown spots. Sometimes, dogs have also red colors. Through knowing their colors, you can easily say what they are.

Quiet or Not

There are some dogs that are very quiet. Some of them don’t have any specific vocal cues. Another way on how to check the dog’s breed is through checking their tails. This can help you check if your preferred breed is perfect for your needs or not.

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Aside from the above mentioned breeds, you can determine the breeds of any dog if you keep on jotting down all your observations. Using your observations, you can easily figure out the exact breed of your desired dogs. Just take note that a dog can have a mix breed. If you don’t know how to exact your dog, you can visit your trusted veterinarian. Then, you can also ask them some tips on how to discipline your dogs.

With your ideas about dog breeds, it would be easy for you to choose the right one. After getting the best one, you can have a chance to surprise your kids. You can bring the best dogs at home and have enough time to have an ultimate bonding with your family.

Are you longing to have the best breeds of dog? Then, you can have it at hand. Just know which dog is best for you and for the whole family.