Many people consider puppy games to be fun and a way to tire our fur baby, but there are some, and they feel that puppy games are a great way to build skills they need to become obedient, socialised and most importantly friendly adult dogs.

Playing games with a puppy is also a great way to keep them active, out of trouble and busy. Experts have stated on innumerable occasions that playing puppy games keep them active and also help in improving the mental capabilities of the baby.

So, if you are also a proud puppy owner, it’s high time for you to start playing games. This post lists some interesting puppy games that you can play with them to keep them going and active.

Let’s begin!

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is indeed a very fun game to play with toys, other people and treats. You can have one person holding your puppy while you go out and hide. And once the puppy is set loose, start calling the name and see whether he/she can find you.

Playing this game can be very effective, and it helps your puppy to get used to command like “come” and teaching the puppy their name. You can also give commands like “Find It” to look out for their treats and toys. This will make them more able in doing nose work and also offers with a lot of mental stimulation.

Three Cup Games

Most of us have played his fun mental exercise before. All you need is to line three cups in front of the puppy, and you also need to make sure that they are watching you closely as you place the favourite treat under one cup. On choosing the right cup, you must reward the puppy and praise. Once they get a detailed idea of how the game works, you can start making it more challenging by missing up the cups around.

Frisbee With Your Puppy

Frisbee is another popular game that you can play with your puppy. It is considered an advanced level of fetching games as it promotes your dog to chase over long distances. Playing the Frisbee game indeed turns out to be a great exercise and is also a lot of fun, especially for those with a natural drive to chase.

If your puppy is not aware of how to catch a Frisbee, you can start the game using a soft disc. Conventional Frisbees made of plastics are very hard, and if it hits your puppy’s face, it will discourage them from playing it again. Make sure to install an electric dog fence in your lawn or garden area. This will restrict your puppy to be in the said area and not go outside the marked zone.

Regular invisible fence battery replacement is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness and reliability of your invisible fence system. Over time, batteries can lose their capacity to hold a charge, which can compromise the system’s ability to keep your dog safely contained within the designated boundaries.

Sprinkler Games

Running outside in the sprinkler has been a great way of getting the puppy familiar with playing and being in the water. Doing this can be extremely helpful later on because it will make the bathing time less stressful. You need to help your puppy get familiar with the splashing and chasing toys through the sprinklers.

Initially, you can introduce them to a kiddie pool but make sure that there are only slight or a maximum of 2-inches of water. With time when they get familiar with the game and consider it as fun, you can start practising with little deep water. This will also help them to get accustomed to bathing and swimming.

Use Digging Box

Some puppies love digging, and allowing them with a dedicated digging box has been a great way to encourage them to dig in one approved area. You can also make your own digging box using some wood and sand from the local stores. In case you have lots of cats in the locality, you must create a top to make sure that the box is not becoming a litter box.

In some cases, dogs are thrilled to have their own place to dig their heart out. In case your dog doesn’t dig in the right way, you can make it a game by burying certain favourite toys of the dog in the box and motivating to dig them out.

What do you think which is the favourite games your puppy will love to play? Which game do you find the most suitable one for your puppy? Do you feel that playing games together will create a strong bond between you and the puppy? Please share all your views and thoughts with us below in the comment section.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash